Теория бесконечности
и время

Russian Philosophical Society

The suggested Philosophical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is clear, heuristic and it does not contradict either classical logic or fundamental physical laws and principles.

  1. The real physical space is by definition three-dimensional and certainly it contains material objects.
  2. A particle which is out of observation exists actually and continuously in the physical space (reason: the Energy conservation law).
  3. It is not the material object that is in the state of superposition, but its wave function (an axiom).
  4. There exist hidden parameters of a micro-object coordinates (reason: the Heisenberg uncertainty relation).
  5. An elementary, microscopic displacement of a micro-particle has no trajectory (reason: inadequacy of Newtonian equation for description of a quantum particle displacement).
  6. Microscopic dynamics is irreversible in time (reason: the Causality principle) http://pharmacy....r/.
  7. There exist hidden parameters of micro-objects’ interactions (reason: it is impossible to consider the whole infinite diversity of micro-events).
  8. Reduction of a wave function could not be understood as its transformation into a real particle (an axiom).
  9. Both logic and temporal sequence of a wave function states are realized in the state of superposition.

Even in an infinitely short segment (interval) of time t1 there exits finite probability of a particle presence in some volume dv, and in the next infinitely short interval of time t2 there exits finite probability of a particle absence in this volume (reason: existence of the Schrödinger equation, dependent and independent of time).

All the mentioned positions directly or indirectly point at the validity of the following proposition.

The Atemporality principle

Some hidden parameters of a quantum micro-object (such as its coordinate in space or direction of polarization) change in the atemporal manner.